Spanish Teacher


Andrea Zavala Cantú was born and raised in Monterrey, México. She graduated from Tecnológico de Monterrey as an ESL instructor in 2004 and as a Communications Mayor in 2009. Andrea started working for Grupo Multimedios, a media company based out of Monterrey, which has interests in television networks, radio, publishing and entertainment. Within Grupo Multimedios she worked in the newsroom for Milenio Television, and as a radio announcer for Classic 106.9 FM. While working in the media business, she also taught business English at various companies in Monterrey.


Andrea and her husband, Gonzalo García, have lived in Dayton since 2012. They have 2 sons. She has worked as a SSL instructor for 6 years and has worked with Dayton International School for 4 years. Andrea is passionate about communication, whether it is teaching English or Spanish, writing about culture and film, or broadcasting her voice through the airwaves. Andrea’s hobbies include playing the oboe, watching independent films, and spending time with her husband and sons. 


Fatima was born in Chiriquí, Panama. From a very young age, she has had a passion for studying and academic life in general.

In her home country, she earned degrees in the areas of public communication, publicity, business administration, and higher education.

She also received a degree in Law and Political Science in Panama, where she was a lawyer until 2015.

Fatima moved to the United States in 2016, where she worked for Wright State University as an adjunct instructor of Spanish for four years, and enjoyed the job very much. She studied for a Masters in Humanities at the same university.

She began teaching both adults and the after school students at Dayton International School in 2021.


Nelly Martin Gutierrez was born in Leon Guanajuato, Mexico on June 30 in 1978. Nelly grew up in the populous city in the center of the country, absorbing the culture and enjoying her family. She has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design at the University of De La Salle in Leon Guanajuato. She was always adventurous, traveling to many different places before having a family. She was a nanny in Boston, before accepting a position in a ban. Later she took a job with Conteyor, a worldwide company designing packaging solutions for companies such a Ford, GM, and Navistar as a Project Engineer in her hometown.

While working in Troy Michigan on assignment, she met her future husband and moved to the United States permanently in 2008. The family has lived in Texas, Michigan, and moved back to Ohio in 2018. She has been raising her three bi-lingual children and teaching Spanish out of her home since. She has always loved doing crafts and art projects and enjoys being a stay at home mom.

In 2020, she helped substitute at the Dayton International School. Her motherly instincts, love for children, and passion for her native language brought her an opportunity to join DIS in 2021.


Arecelia came to Dayton from Los Mochis, in the state of Sinaloa, Mexico in 2014 with her husband, Stephen, and two children, Sofía and Tadeo.

She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Communication in 2003 and did a Seminar on Public Opinion and Political Advertising in 2004 at Universidad de Occidente Campus Los Mochis. She also studied Pedagogical Grading in 2011 at Centro de Actualización del Magisterio (CAM). In 2018, she received the Ohio State Certification for Working with Young Children at Wright State University.

Arecelia worked in the administrative area at the General Secondary School No. 1 “Ignacio Manuel Altamirano” from May 2002-March 2014. She also worked as a Spanish teacher at Escuela Secudaria General No. 4 “José María Martínez Rodríguez in Los Mocis, Sinaloa Mexico. She has worked at Dayton International School as a preschool teacher since 2016.


Myrnangeli is the kindergarten and first grade teacher at Dayton International School. She loves these grades because there is so much to learn and explore. Together they are going to have a lot of fun and create a lot of memories!

Myrnangeli was born and raised in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. She earned her bachelor’s degrees at the University of Puerto Rico as a teacher for preschool-6th grades. In Puerto Rico, she worked at a daycare for four years. Later, she worked as a teacher for the Head Start program for five years. She has been with Dayton International School since 2015. She is very grateful to work at DIS with her team, students, and family.

Dayton became her home in 2012. She lives in Centerville with her husband and two children, who keep her busy. Her husband, Javier Mulero, loves to rebuild things as a hobby. Her older sun Markos is very creative, and her youngest daughter Mikaela likes to draw. Her two children attended DIS, and her family is very happy with their children’s education. When Myrnangeli is not teaching, she enjoys traveling, cooking, doing crafts, organizing, going to church, and enjoying herself with family and friends