English Teacher


Tricia Bisoski has been involved in education and children’s learning since 2005. As a college student at Bowling Green State University, Tricia spent summers at an outdoor camping facility teaching core values, team work, horseback riding, crafts, and boating. She received her undergraduate degree in 2009 for social studies education. In 2016, she earned an MA TESOL degree from Wright State University. After graduation, she was hired to work in the English Department at Wright State University. Tricia went on to teach English in three different places: to adults in the LEAP Intensive English Program and the Accelerated Learning Program at Wright State, to kindergarteners and first graders at Dayton International School, and to children of various ages in China through online lessons. Tricia enjoys education and is particularly enthusiastic about the linguistic benefits of bilingual education for students and the communities they are in. Both of Tricia’s daughters attend DIS and she strives foster bilingualism at home through conversations about the day and having Spanish conversation at dinners with her family.